Congratulations to our Brave Lion King!

A New Grand Champion

Richmond was a three show sweep for Leon!! Enjoying himself immensely in the ring he collected a Select and two Best of Breeds.=. With these wins he was awarded Grand Champion!

Three Show Sweep

Three Show Sweep


Leon at New Castle PA, Memorial Day Weekend 2014

Winning is hard work!!
WHAT A WEEKEND!! Leon acquired 15 points and 3 Major wins!
Cid_and_Tommy_Griffin Leon Adcropped

Special thanks to Alida Greendyk, judge at the Newcastle Kennel Club Show

Monday he was chosen Best of Breed!!! With this winning weekend Leon is now ranked in the top 18 Leonbergers in the USA!!
Great job Leon, Shannon White and Cid!!


Leon From the Road

CH Courageous Pharaoh Leon is not a fan of road trips. In fact he really doesn’t like going for short rides either. Typically Our “Brave Lion King” lays down in the sling behind the front seat and goes to a Zen place. When people meet him in the sling they must think he is the most chill dog ever! He is a totally different dog. Zen Dog

let_her_go2An hour and a half into our trip we passed the Gum Springs exit….Leon had his head out of the window gulping in big breaths of “girl air”. You see the first two times Leon was with a girl Leonberger he took the Gum Spring exit to Agi’s house! Every time we pass that exit Leon knows and looks crestfallen when we do not take the exit. Sorry boy, heading further west. On our way to our daughter Jessi’s graduation.

Leon Visits the Homeless Kids

Leon Visits the Homeless Kids.

Homeless YouthRecently Leon heard about a place at the oceanfront that assisted homeless kids two nights a week. Leon said “woof, if there are kids I want to go!” Soft woof So off we went. The kids were wonderful! Like most who meet Leon, these kids seemed to melt when Leon made his entrance and began ” working the room.” Even the most quiet and reserved child would cheer up a bit when our “Courageous Pharaoh Leon” (Brave Lion King) would lumber up to them for some companionship.

teens_tails1This week when we visited something happened that had Leon excited….and confused. Three teens arrived together a girl and two boys. The girl and one of the boys had large furry faux fox tails attached to the back of their jeans. Teens with tails! Leon has seen and done a lot in his three and a half years….but never has he seen this! Both of the kids were amused at Leon’s excitement. The boy quickly realized that Leon’s curiosity included sniffing and that led to a king size big nosed goose! Leon had that teen dancing!! Thankfully Leon was more courteous to the young lady with the tail. You could see the wonder on our Brave King’s face as he continued to check out these teens with tails! Everyone in the room was entertained by his excitement and curiosity.